18 August 2005

tired but inspired

Funny. I was so dead tired when I got home. Barely spoke a word at the dinner table and D even asked me twice if everything was OK and once if I was mad at him. I wasn't being nasty...just quiet. But it's usually when he catches on that I know I need a few minutes alone doing something cathartic.
(***OK pause...funny story time. because I am so tired, I second guessed my choice of words there and went to look up "cathartic" in the dictionary (well, the online dictionary hee hee). The first 3 meanings had to do with laxatives and purging of the bowels. I quickly scrolled down, thinking...no...am I THAT far off base!? Nope I'm not...also emotionally purging...phew! That was a close call with seriously misusing a word!)
So, while I'm being all cathartic, sorting through my clothes for a clothes swap some friends and I are doing tomorrow, I felt tired, but somehow rejuvenated and motivated. I totally purged!! I'm taking 2 big huge bins full of clothes and shoes to swap. Yeah baby! Let's just hope I don't come home with two full bins of 'new' stuff!

And to close, I'm feeling the need to share a photo. Let me go find one.

OK it's an oldy but goody and it makes my heart smile (as AmbyN would say...smile...)


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Oh my gosh!!! You two are so cute!!!! Your clothes swap sounds like FUN :) Hope you get some kewl stuff!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...
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Missy said...

you are adorable Gen!
I totally understand the purging happiness too :)

Amber said...

that's right, let that heart smile...it deserves it cutie-patootie head.
i love your whole explanation of word-usage....good stuff. so you. lol