16 August 2005

the bad blogger, running on fumes & figuring out the damn scanner

so i got one shot at the beach on friday and then the batteries died. go gen. but really, this is very much ok because i have a gazillion photos and i guarantee you i will not miss them.

i have been a bad absent blogger of late. Little reading of blogs, little time to peruse galleries...but i'm coming out of it. i think. less time on the computer = more productive, yes? no, not necessarily, although i have been participating in a scraplift challenge on LM. now, I AM getting lots done. I find it VERY easy to scraplift. I love it. I love being inspired by all sorts of different artists and friends. but, it's really made me think about the whole process for me.

I've managed to get SEVEN (yes, 7) pages done in less than a week, which feels great in terms of "wow, i accomplished a lot". it's also been a great way to get me going and really keeping my hands dirty, so to speak. because i find scraplifting fast and easy, i've been able to scrap almost every day. BUT while I'm realizing that it might be a handy tool and a fun thing to do once in a while, I look at the pages and think "they're not me". I didn't pour my heart and soul into these pages. great photos, great memories. no soul? hmmmm. i'm not sure. something to continue to ponder as i think about the next page.

i cannot BELIEVE the price of gas these days. totally ridiculous. i'm even starting to think like my girl coco j, who waits til nighttime to fill her gas tank because she says it always goes down at night. i'm usually one of those people who cannot be bothered with the hassle of leaving my house at night...especially to save just a few dollars. But $1.10 per litre of gas? You have got to be kidding me. Not that I'm quite ready to explore public transit just yet.

I finally figured out why my scans, especially of lumpy stuff, have been looking so completely awfully hideous. Two reasons:
1. I had it sitting on the carpet beside my desk while I was scanning. Um, I know that sounds totally dumb, but there's no room on my tiny desk that barely has room for my keyboard and mouse. So I would haul my scanner out of the cupboard above my computer, sit it on the floor, plug it in, and push away. Well, god knows what made me think that perhaps the scanner should be on a flat, hard surface (can we all say DUUUUH). Working much better now.
2. It was dirty. Like really pretty gross with glue and various bits of hair and projects from the past.

Phew! Need to update more often so I won't go on and on like I just did. If you've read my whole story, I thank you and send you much love.


Amber said...

hey sweetem's.
life gets busy. we understand and love you all the same.
7 fuckin pages? you crazy woman you. i need to have a scrap-a-thon like that. it's been ages. i want to see all 7....yes...i do.
gas sucks. both kinds.
scanners suck...
i read your whole story..thanks for the love...xoxox

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

7 pages!!! congrats girlie!!! I'm impressed :)

Robyn said...

hiya Gen-glad to see you're bloggin' (not that i can talk, i went for days not posting too). I totally hear ya on scraplifting. ya know, it is what it is. It's fast, productive, and a great way to just "do" and get thte creative juices flowing again. But i never feel like i can really 'claim' those pages, ya know? Do i scraplift? ya, i'm about a zillion years behind on my books, and occasionally i just want to see a dent in the big piles.