10 August 2005

my loves

i am thinking of what i love and appreciate...on both a serious and superficial level. my mum was diagnosed with skin cancer quite recently. an isolated spot on her nose. what with the problems she and my dad are having i really feel this is entirely too much for one beauty of a mama to handle in the space of 8 months. she is so brave and so strong. because we're so close now i can read between the words and know that despite all her common-sensical language she was scared and insecure and sad and really not wanting her face hacked up. it made me cry when she told me. she wanted to tell me in person. i had been trying to pry for months as she had all these "appointments" for this or that...never being clear as to what was going on. she told me 2 days before we left for toronto. her surgery was scheduled for the 2nd - the day we were due back. we were delayed. she had to leave for the island before i could see her. i saw her yesterday for the first time. she is so happy. it went so well. she's got a red line down the side of her nose and is a bit bumpy and bruisy. normally this type of cancer spreads into the cheek and they really have to dig to get it out. not this time. so lucky. they had to go in twice to get it all, but then she was done. she's still gorgeous physically, but what is shining is her relief and happiness that the surgery went so well and that it's done and over with. i'm thankful for the miracle of modern medicine and how they were so good to my mama and saved her face.

here are some of the things i'm loving today:
•my big man•my lil man•my mama•my dad•my sisters•patterened paper(oh did i have a blast petting it and gazing at it last night - it was hot)•jack johnson tunage on itunes right now•my bed(i'm daydreaming)•water•organic sprouted beans(don't ask...i'm trying to eat healthy, i really am and i actually do love these)•the view from my window•summer•my camera•the wicked shots i get with my camera•leaving work(happening any minute)•

love you!
(i'm just full of it today!)


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Happy that so many things in your life make you happy :)

Nicole said...

Oh Gen I'm so glad all went well for your mom!

On another note, I love petting pretty paper too!:)

Kathy said...

You got it, your happy list is all that matters :)

I am glad to hear your mamas surgery went well!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your mom's surgery was a success. That's so scary, but I'm glad everything went well. Mom's are so brave, eh?

And about petting your paper....you crack me up! I drool when I look at my stuff! Love scrapbooking goodies!!!

Renee said...

why do I always do that? sorry that was me posting as anonymous again.......i suck.


Amber said...

I had no idea about your mama girl. i'm keeping her and you in my prayers. xoxoxo
i love your love. there are so many great things huh?! lots of love to be shared! here is my list:

my office at work(it is huge), my weeman riding his "harley" through my dining room, rg yelling for facewash from the bathtub, my creative friends, my old navy tank tops, mail love, my new All-American Rejects cd, and the cig i just smoked...LOL

Missy said...

I'm thinking about you and your mama sweet pea.

And we love you too!!!