09 August 2005


OK - I was in such a rush to get those pix up yesterday and then I had to run...didn't write anything. I must confess that it all looks fine and dandy in those beauty shots, but keep in mind:

1. Everything inside those drawers/file cabinets is a total effing (**take note: first time ever using the eff word in my blog) MESS from hell.
2. I pulled the table (yes Missy I scrap on the table too!) and chairs out of the way to take the pictures.
3. A lot of my crap isn't even in that area.

1. The pictures are a bit of a lie - just maybe a tiny bit of a misrepresentation :)
2. I still have a lot to do.
3. I still don't have a scrap ROOM...won't for a long time.

1. It still looks kickin cool.
2. It makes me feel really good and inspired and like creating something.
3. I love it.



Missy said...

phew! I was starting to turn GREEN with envy.

I kid!

It's awesome that you have this totally inspirational space... maybe I should give you a glimpse of the mess I work in... in the middle of my kitchen ;)

www.robynlewis.typepad.com said...

hey Gen- where'd you get those cool funky green containers?

Kathy said...

Gen that is some seriously fine scrap space!!!! Kick ass :)