24 July 2005

summer ew & the failure of the scrap mug shot

OK. Alright. It's 2:00am. 2:05 actually. I'm still awake. For some godforsaken reason I really really really needed to scrap after spending an hour printing out pictures to scrap. I could not go to bed and leave it for the morning or tomorrow night. No.

I just got back from the bathroom (yes, I had to pee). While I was in the bathroom I happened to glance at the tub. The tub is the most dirty I think I must have ever seen it. It has a black ring of gunge around it that would probably cause my friend Tanya to have a heart attack and die (knocking on wood as we speak of course). Ew. Ewwww man!! I have come to two conclusions here about my tub at 2 in the morning. 1. In summer we are dirtier, and 2. In summer I am home less, and therefore a. do not notice shit like this (ew), and b. don't clean as often.

Because I felt compelled to write about my dirty bathtub, I came here. Hmmm...I thought. I should really get a photo for my blog, as I haven't posted any photos in a few days. I wanted a shot of me, waving to you. The 2am scrappin mug shot. So I went and got my camera happening and just as I was tweaking the shot, the batteries died. I'm done...that's my sign.

I am going to bed because I do not really really really need to clean my bathroom tonight. I can do it tomorrow.

Night lovelies.


Missy said...

AH! I seriously know how you feel. I was up past 1 last night..

and the cleaning the house thing? totally get that.

Amber said...

hahah my house is a mess. EW is such a great term. I agree. EW is right. :o)

Renee said...

LOL! OK, Gen, reading this is making me feel just a little bit better about you seeing my house today! I blame it on the hectic summer life... Hey if you ever find a cleaning lady, hook a sister up! take care babe!

heidi said...

ummm.yeah, i so thought you meant you were going ot take a picture of your dirty tub. ewww...so glad you didn't :)

Robyn said...

yep, for a minute i thought we were gettin' a dirty tub pic too....ewwww! hope you get some good scrappin' time soon :)

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I hear ya on the staying up to scrap...I do it all the time and it makes work terrible the next day. Hope you get your tub cleaned :)

Kathy said...

Oh girl I can so relate! I don't even want to think what your friend would think of my tub :O

Have you bought new camera batteries yet huh huh huh?