06 February 2008


I know I shouldn't call Ali a biotch, but I can't help it. I've so pared down the blogs that I read. For many reasons, but mostly just to get removed and get my head out of the computer. And also I have zero time available for that stuff. Not only that, but I've completely reduced shopping for scrap supplies. Like months and months (and sometimes months) between trips for anything except adhesive (still addicted to my sweet-ass cheap-ass tombow). And that's nice because every several months I'll reallyreally know what my favourite products were from the last round of releases. Not the current one, but the one before that and sometimes probably the one before that. Then I go and read Ali's blog, thinking perhaps she has a little bit of insightful wonderful inspirational creative tidbit, and instead she's talking about her latest favourite things. BIOTCH. I resist these things! WhatEVER.

OK F&W booth demo prep is complete (totally looking forward to seeing the DareBook larger than life!!) and I'm looking forward to seeing some friends from crazyscrapbookworld. And today we had Indian food for lunch and it was so yummy. Jaxon sprained his ankle yesterday (fell down the stairs and twisted it heading to the cafeteria for lunch) so this morning we went to get x-rays. Not fractured. Thank GOD. Some nice swelling, a good bruise, and a little hobbling. Nothing some TLC can't cure. Also enjoying Momo falling asleep in the perfect position in my lap while I work. So lovely.

OK bedtime. Who knows what tomorrow holds.
Gratitude: for something tomorrow may hold...


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