11 October 2007


And that, my friends, was about the most intelligent post title - EVER.

No time to update blog, clearly.
Commuting about 45-60 minutes to and from work. <--- this is supposed to be over after tomorrow!!!!!
Getting ready for Crop 4 Kids this weekend!!! So excited. Still working on kits.
Got to meet the Vancouver coordinator of aforementioned C4K, Nicole (twice this week, since she lives near where I'm commuting to!), who is awesome, cheerful, supportive and great all in one tiny little ball of energy.
Little man's birfday tomorrow!!! He's turning six.
Trying not to be exhausted, not having much luck with that.
Trying to stay positive and grateful...it's a challenge right now.
OK gotta fly! Colleen is here to help!

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stephanie said...

hey sweets-
hope you are doing okay. =)