11 September 2007


woops. just published blog post with only heading "hellllooooo!". that's interesting.
efferdares.com is STILL down.
i want to scream and rant and shout.
instead, i choose not to.
(i'm still thinking all of it though)
if you really want the technical details of all going on out of our control, feel free to let me know. trust me, they're dull, and knowing them doesn't help because we can't do anything. some reports are 24-48 hours, some reports are 7-10 business days. WTF. LSS will go on, ASAP!!! as soon as the site is up, you can bet your booty that all of us will be mad-posting on our blogs. so please have patience, like you have been, and please stay tuned.
i got away over the weekend, and i needed it SO bad.
it was gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, relaxing, rejuvenating, and weird all at once.
(first time visiting mum & dad separately on saturna - bizarre).
ohhhh, but how that place holds a huge piece of my heart. i love it.
and i'm starting an album tonight!!! just printed 81 photos from the weekend and going for it! my dad builds houses and he hooked me up with all sorts of wood to use for art, including thin plywood to use for book covers. oh yeah.
sorry for being such a sporadic blogger lately. when life gets busy, somethin (or several somethins) gotta give.

saturna. one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. it makes my mind calm the minute i'm there.


sarah said...

the sun coming thru those trees is gorgeous...
so glad you had a nice weekend away!

Anja said...

thanks for the update Gen! It must be so frustrating.

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