16 August 2007

not dead

1. working on revamping entire dares website. the other one was slow and the application we were using was a little too techish and un-user friendly for us. big job.
2. working two jobs. josh is in korea until the end of the month.
3. working on august scrapologie kit.
4. working on The Gratitude Project.
5. working on not throttling my child as he goes through "one of those testing phases"

I'm alive!


rp said...

busy busy busy lady...hang in, Gen.
love your gratitude comments and most appreciate your efforts in the Dare category. miss that.

Rock'nmama said...

okay, I went to the site...signed up...and can't post a comment...HELP!!!

If you want you can just send me the RAK :D hehehe

Séverine said...

I'm just thinking of you girl! ...and just would like to say hello from my heart.

Missy said...

my poor busy girl.
I wish I could come take some of the weight off your shoulders.