17 May 2007

tuna maki

holy bad bloggedness. that's me lately. not good at anything really...just cruisin by at all of it. a veritable roller coaster of with it/out of it, happy/not happy, healthy/sick, feeling smart/feeling stupid, feeling boring/feeling fulfilled.

what else? here is a picture of ME according to JAX on mother's day. sigh. my outfit is slammin, i have a big heart, round shoes and am holding fresh flowers. on my shirt. there is nothing else i need in the entire universe.

what else? how about some Q&A? anyone want to know anything about me? i know there have been questions on comments in the past where i thought "oh, i should answer that" and then i forget. so now is your chance. if you have questions, ask them. because you never know...most certainly i will go back to my blog-slacking, boring self if ya don't.

i'm also counting the minutes until the canadian long weekend. ok, maybe not the minutes, but i'm in full-on recognition that tomorrow is friday and then after that the weekend is here. and i'm hoping my flat of flowers and various grasses and succulents (which are not supposed to die but i managed to kill all of last year) survive until i can plant them, hopefully on saturday but more than likely on monday.

i would also like to fully credit the two tuna makis i had at lunch for helping put me in a blogging mood. tuna maki is the shiz.


Klala said...

Umm my question is How have you not eaten Jax alive??? He is seriously the cutest thing in the entire universe. That picture is brills.

Tell me why again you are not coming to see me this weekend ??? =(

ronnie said...

super enjoy lurking around in your blog...both of your men are adorable..love your layouts

Anonymous said...

how long did it take for you to come into your scrapbooking style? If you could have a day off from being a mom, what would you choose to do? Favorite comfort food?