23 May 2007


It's time to think and reflect. Time to be tired. Time to interact, or not. Time to relax. Time to feel stuck, and to practice that good ol' cognitive behaviour therapy. Critical thinking.

Feeling a little bit less-than-stellar these days. Not unhappy...just kind of...edgy. Not like PMS edgy, but restless. Fidgety. UNinspired. But I'm working through it. Fighting through it. Trying new and different things. Taking breaks. But also forcing myself. I have a couple things I gotta get done and then several things I want to get on to. So c'mon. Work with me here, brain/body/spirit. Ya know??

Mum's back in the hospital tonight. She is just not feeling comfortable...her heart rate is not normalizing, not feeling comfortable. More than likely, her medication has to be adjusted. But I didn't go to emerg with her tonight. And now I feel sad that she's in the hospital overnight (because they're messing with her meds they have to keep her for observation) and she's alone. I wish that I could have seen her and talked to her...just been there to have kept her company. I wonder if that's for my sake or for hers. Anyway. I'll call first thing tomorrow...hopefully Rhi will go see her during the day and then I'll go after work.

Tomorrow is me & Dren's 4 year anniversary. We have plans, and I'm sure they'll still happen despite mum's jag in the road to heart recovery...Think good thoughts everyone!

Love you mama.


Oh - and yes, I will answer the other questions asked...just not tonight.


Kelly S. said...

Happy Anniversary!!
and prayers go out to your mom, hope she doesn't have to be on the hospital very long!

stephaniehowell said...

i'm praying for your mama.
and happy anniversary.

i know what you mean about the on edge thing. that's a yucky feeling. hope you are feeling back to yourself soon.

Brigitte said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thinking good thoughts for your mum - I'm sure that's partly what's adding to your edgyness.
It's stressful and makes it hard to concentrate on other things, but hang in there. She's being looked after and all will be better soon.

Rachelle said...

happy anniversary! i'll be keeping you all in my prayers :)

sarah said...

happy anniversary...
and you and your mama are in my prayers.

Becky said...

hugs girl.
Happy Anniversary, I know Dren will spoil you!

Klala said...

Love to your mommy and love to the happy couple!

ania said...

Aw she'll prob be okay - they're keeping her there for safekeeping right..means she's in good hands :) Happy anniversary! Fingers crossing for your mojo returning - I for one love your work for sure! :)