21 February 2007

the reason my house is a filthy mess

It's true. I didn't even clean my bathroom. Ew. The thing is, even when I have every intention of cleaning, I get home and all I want to do is scrapbook. It's kind of sick, actually. Seriously in obsession mode. Plus, HELLO!? I have my paper. Yes I do. And now YOU can get it too, with just a few clicks of your mousey.

LOOK: Lazar StudioWERX Cellular & Organic Lines
Only $0.73 per sheet. Hi. We love that.
Now, we all know that Lazar is a smallish company. Canadian, owned and operated by Christina, and well...it's awesome. Of course, this means there is not necessarily the exposure created by the hype and glory of some of the huge brands, so it's very possible that you won't see the paper in your LSS. You can buy it retail through the LSW site OR harass your LSS to order it. Either way, get your hands on it because it's versatile and fun and gorgeous and dammit, I MADE IT. I think perhaps I see a "marketing manager" title in my near future, no? Hee hee!

So, here's some stuff I've been making, and I also wanted to say that these new (to me, anyway) Basic Grey rubons with birds and butterflies and flowers and stuff are my total favourite. I think I could use them on anything. I'm totally going to use them up and then I'll be sad. I might have to steal Renee's because she bought them too.

Oh and the first layout here is 8.5x11...forgot to outline the image so you have no idea where the page begins and ends but oh well...such is life.

And thank you for your comments on yesterday's post. Means a lot and I appreciate it.


Breanne Crawford said...

beautiful pages!

and mucho thanks for telling me where i can get my hands on the goodness!

Lala said...

OK I haven't cleaned my bathroom either LOL But I don't even have the excuse of scrapping or gorgeous pages like these to show for it. I am loving your paper girl!!


joanne smith said...

yes, the things we put off to scrapbook!! found your blog through scrapologie!! your papers are beautiful ... will forward info to my LSS!!

Sara McMartin said...

Well my house is a mess as well! We have to have our priorities right? ;)

gabbyfek said...

you are so brilliant.
and i adore you.
if i scrapped 1/100th as well as you do... i'd never clean. i'd only scrap.

Tami said...

so, my credit card appreciates all the use it just got buying all your paper and other goodies up. my daughter is going to LOVE the yellow circle paper.

Alissa said...

gorgeous stuff, g!
can't wait to get some!
i better get ordering! ;)
i think i DO see a marketing manager title in your future! ;)


Dares said...

yum yum yum