16 February 2007


Yesterday I stepped outside at the end of my workday and the rain had stopped. There were patches of blue sky and I took a deep breath. The air felt fresh and clean.

This morning I stepped outside and the sky was clear. The air was crisp. Although I had to scrape frost off my windows before I could leave, I felt like this little glimpse of spring in the air gave me some hope of what's to come. The last couple of weeks have been so grey and rainy and dreary and I was starting to feel it. Nothing like a little sunshine to change your whole perspective.

Here is a peek at my California Medium Book, made mostly with Hambly stuff.

and the rest you can see here (all 18 image oh me oh my).

And here is this week's dare. It was fun to give my brain a break from the deep thinking the dares sometimes (ok, most of the time) provoke. We played with deco scissors this week! Used my "Victorian" ones. Oooh la la.

What a beautiful quote by Sark. I love Sark. Good stuff to look at every once in a while as a refresher on how fabulous this whole being a woman really is. Celebrate it, own it, all that.

Here's to sunshine, Friday, and love in the air.



ArtsyMama said...

It is amazing how the weather changes everything. I really could use a breath of fresh air.

Your book looks fanstastic!!! WOW!

Love your layout of K too...gorgeous pic:)

Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

Here is the freshness of the coming spring - fresh hopes and inspirations, ideas and goals and the energy to do it!

Your little album looks so cool, love how creative you are.

Breanne Crawford said...

LOVE that book.

so much.

Sarah said...

that book is AWESOME.

Lala said...

What an awesome book- love the project!! and your dare page...


Have a super week!

Caroline said...

that book really really rocks.
and so does the page.

deb said...

gorgeous book!

I love SARK too.