01 December 2006

one week later

Time is flying by me at light-speed these days!
Lots going on, lots of email and "computer stuff" to get caught up on...I just haven't been spending much time at the machine apart from during work. It feels good because I've been getting lots done and spending lots of time with the boys, but I want to make a better effort to stay in touch because a) I miss it and b) If I don't return some email people will either think I've been arrested and thrown in jail (or something) or that I don't love them and then I'll be left with no friends. Hmmm...not good. So email is definitely on the to-do list!

Dare #50...quite possibly the worst photo of a layout ever...but whatever. I didn't want to scan it cuz of the lumpy flower rhinestone thing. I LOVE this photo of me mama...she looks so gorgeous. Love her.


And BY THE WAY! We had snow almost all week and it was SO exciting so early in the year! Of course, now it's all melting into grey mush in typical Vancouver fashion but it was fun while it lasted.

Off to a Christmas party tonight, and then a hopefully relaxing weekend ahead.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see ya! Gorgeous page! I need to get off this thing more often and get some stuff done!!

Hope you have a nice party tonight!


Nicole said...

Love this page of you mom:)
Hope you have a great weekend Gen!

Anonymous said...

Love that LO
My breath caught in my throat a little bit.

Dawn said...

Morning! Sbow!!!!!!!! send some over here LOL Great dare LO xx

Caroline said...

this made me laugh -
b) If I don't return some email people will either think I've been arrested and thrown in jail

that is a gooooorgeous LO

Alissa said...

love the page!
your mum is gorgeous!
i'm glad the snow is melting!
can't go quick enough! ;)


Anonymous said...

your mom is beautiful. Great layout too.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous photo of your mama.
you can tell she's amazing by that photo...her kindness just jumps out of it.
such a beautiful page.

hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

love that lo.
and christmas parties? already? say it isn't so...