15 December 2006


What a wacky morning! The power went out, sometime between 3 and 4:30am. I had a ROUGH night's sleep. Major windstorm, and I'm getting a cold I think. So Jaxon and I went about getting sort of ready in the candle and flash lit place (he had daddy's cool high-tech flashlight, so he was happy). We arrived at the daycare to find it in pitch-blackness and to the news that the school was also closed. Hmmm. I was 45 minutes late for work, and my sister now has Jax for the day. They will have fun...everyone is happy. Then we had hail, sleet, rain, wind, and now, brilliant sunshine. Vancouver and its multiple-personality-disorder weather.

J-speak throughout the night/morning (he crawled into bed with us at some point during the night):

(slaps d 4 times on his bald head-top)
d: hey! jaxon...stop hitting me!
j: (almost crying) weeeellll...you did it to meee!
(i assure you, dren did not smack the child in his sleep)

me: what?
j: santa wears red shoes!
me: are you sure? i thought his shoes were black and his suit was red.
no response.
alright. back to sleep.

we should get daddy to come home and fix it. because he's really good at fixing stuff.
(re: the power being out)

what!?? i can't watch my shows?
well, at least i have my toys.

can we call the fire department to come and fix the TV?
(re: the fire panel located on the wall just outside our apartment, beeping incessantly due to said power outage, related in j's mind to the issue of not being able to watch morning cartoons)

(upon learning that daycare and school were not options today)
me: huh? you WANT to come to work with me? why? you were so bored last time.
j: because i love you so much.

And just to celebrate the J a little more, I have his first-ever hand-written Christmas list. Love it. This week's dare is brought to you by RedDiva kits...gorgeous stuff in there...can't wait to play some more. Specially with the coolcoolcool 7G album.

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Anonymous said...

multiple-personality-disorder weather is a perfect description because
what you described is EXACTLY how the weather is for us right now too!
(I'm Oregon - 1.5 hours south of Portland)
Except my power went out at 7pm last night
and didn't come back on until 11:30 this morning!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm IN Oregon...I'm not the actual state. ;)

I should learn to proof read...

Anonymous said...

Love the little quips from your son! And the page with his note!!