21 December 2006

i will leave you with some random j-bits.
i'm always smiling when i read missy's blog with con-speak...
i will try to re-create the mood and kid-speak voice like she does so well:

if you don't brush your teef you get sugar-bugs.
do sugar bugs have big moufs? or teeny moufs?
teeny ones. they're just little tiny bugs.
do sugar bugs eat your teefs?

den one foggy christmas eve,
santa came to say (in his underwear!!!)
hey! look at my eyebrows when i say in his underwear!
dey wiggle up and down!

i know you like movies wif stories instead of fightings.
so i picked dis one. i hope you like it.

can you turn dis song up? dis is my song.
oh, and dis one is my song too.
please turn it up some more mama.

(to auntie-aley who has left for china):
hey! i fought you were leaving already!
not quite yet...do you want me to leave?
(hey! little monkey....!)

no mama. i don't want any books for chris-miss.
i promise i don't.
(too bad...sucka!)

and with that, i close. i must get some food into my gut pronto.
just under 1/2 a day left and another 1/2 day tomorrow...
then ALL of next week off. YES!!!!
love holidays.


Missy said...

I LOVE J-Speak!!!!
You did a FABULOUS job ;)

and I miss you so.

Happy holidays to you and yours...
and here's to time off work!!!

Nisa said...

eyah! love Jaxman talkies!!!
so stinkin cute it hurts me.
but it's a good hurt.
love yooo.

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff.. cute kid! And I hear ya on the no cards- I JUSt ordered mine- they will be "new year's" cards methinks!


Jen said...

I am not doing cards either this year...you're not alone. Happy Happy Holidays G!

Kelly said...

you make me laugh.
happy holidays, friend :)

Nicole said...

Awwww J is so cute!:)
Happy Holidays sweet Gen!

Caroline said...

too cute!!

Séverine said...

Happy Holidays my Friend!



Dawn said...

Beautiful Gen

Wishing you and your family a very happy christmas and hope Santa brings you everything you wished for XXX

Dawn said...

Wishing you and your family a very happy christmas and hope Santa brings you everything you wished for XXX

Anna-Marie Still said...

So cute! Gotta use the "Sugar Bugs" theory with my kiddos! That's great!

Dawn said...

Hiya babe - hope you survived the christmas festivities and that you all had fun :)

Cindy (R.B.) said...

Hi ya Gen, just a quick pop-in to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year ! {{ Hugs }} C.

sarah.b said...

hope you have a great new year, hope lots of fun stuf is coming your way!!

Anonymous said...

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