18 November 2006

mean people seriously suck

I have never had to deal with a situation like I dealt with tonight. Yes, people have been mean to me before. Sometimes in the past I probably deserved it. But I'm growing up. I'm learning, changing, and turning into a nicer, calmer, more caring person. Tonight I didn't deserve what I got.

It's a really long story to get into all the details, but I'll give the short version (as short as I can lol). I live in a co-op. A co-op is a building or group of buildings where all the tenants are members, and co-operatively work to run. We have a Board, committees and deal with most of the "landlord" stuff ourselves. I am the chair of the membership committee. Tonight, I showed some new members their new suite. I gave the member who has already vacated the suite the required 24 hour notice to access it. The outgoing member has had, and is currently having, problems with the co-op (board), some legitimate, some not. She wants her boyfriend to act as her representation, but hasn't yet given the co-op the required documentation so that he can be her agent, so to speak. She (the member) is meak, quiet, unassuming, and never really got involved in the co-op community. He, on the other hand, is loud, agressive, outspoken, and has been very involved with the co-op (in a negative way) in the last few months. She legally has posession of the unit until the 30th of November, but has been moved out since the end of October.

Tonight, he showed up to the suite while we were there (the overdue pregnant mother-to-be, her boyfriend, and mother-to-be's mother)...burst in the door all wild-eyed and ready for a fight. Telling me all about how we're breaking the law, unlawfully entering, not following the rules, blah blah blah. He pointed at me and said he would be charging me. Keep in mind that this is someone who is not technically supposed to even be in the property (rolling my eyes, because now that it's over, I can do that). A verbal altercation ensued, but none of the sane ones (all of us minus him) wanted any part of it, so we decided we would just leave. He told us that "those 3" could leave, but I couldn't. He back towards the door, locked it, put his hand on it, and stood in the hallway, barring us from leaving the suite. The dad-to-be got on the phone w/ the police, and I got on the phone w/ one of the board members. He and another member showed up to diffuse and help. So appreciated. The cops took forever, the situation got reasonably diffused, and we decided the new members (if no one else) should leave. I walked them out (after just a mini-meltdown on the phone while calling the police back wondering where the @#$% they were (that was in my head...I was pretty nice outloud)). I went back to the suite where outgoing member's boyfriend gave some lame-ass speech as an apology of sorts...I said "I'm done...I just want to go". As soon as I walked into my house, I burst into tears. The adrenaline was leaving my body and I just crumpled. So I went to another neighbour's and de-briefed. Phew. And now I'm doing the same thing here. And it feels really good to just let it out. It boggles my brain that people can be so irrational and unreasonable. But I guess that's the world we live in.

And tonight, in about 25 minutes, in fact, we are going on a double-date to some night laser show bowling (or something or other...it involves 10-pin bowling and beer) thing. And I'm going to have a blast. Yes I am. !%^* mean people.


Anonymous said...

holy mac girl! I agree...mean people suck! On the upside... i heard nice people swallow :)

Anonymous said...

That sucks G!

No one deserves to be treated so maliciously. I hope thecps gave this guy a real warning not to do something so assanine again.

Feel better girl! Hope you had a blast with the beer and bowling:)

Becky Heisler said...

oh man,so sorry to hear that happen to you Gen !!! What a jerk! Hope you had a blast tonight anyway :)

Anonymous said...

THAT is ridiculous!! Holy cow! Glad you are ok and hope you have a lovely fun evening!!


Anonymous said...

people are unreal. it's hard to believe that someone would act this way to a stranger. imagine how he treats his girlfriend

Dawn said...

LOL trust Stayce to have her head in the gutter LOL

That's a shite situation to be in Gen... hope your troubles have passed and you enjoyed you night out xx

Anonymous said...

geeesh that sounded like it was probably a little scary! I hate that kind of stuff. just can't avoid it sometimes.

!%^* mean people, is right!


Jamie said...

Aw Gen, I'm SOOOOO sorry you had to deal with something so awful.
What an ASSHOLE.
I hope karma bites him HARD.