01 November 2006

i love clean & orderly

It could even get scary. Like OCD scary. We did a huge toy purge on Sunday. My mum took Jaxon to Science World and Dren and I busted our asses to weed out all the broken, unused, unloved, pieces of junk, baby, and otherwise toys. We did it. Oh boy. Did we do it. For about three years our living room has been dedicated to toys and boys. I am so happy to report that I have 11 empty wicker baskets (previously housing toys) and 3 empty shelves on our shelving unit in the living room. It feels like heaven. I know having them empty forever won't feel like heaven, so I'm wondering...what did we used to keep there? Wow. Pregnancy and having a child really does steal brain cells. I seriously cannot remember. For now, the empty baskets feel good. I'm thinking...candles, both tea-lights and scented pillars. I'm thinking (gasp!) adult books. I'm thinking plants. A photo or 3. Sigh. The possibilities are endless. And J's room is all ready for Gabby's visit. I wonder if she'll want to sleep under the canopy/tent/tube thing that attaches to his 1/2 bunk? We shall see, my friends, we shall see. I'm definitely leaving it up to soak up her reaction to "this is where Gabby sleeps!"....hee hee. Love me some G1.

Now I want to attack every space and room in our house with the clean and orderly spray.

In other news. Huh. Not much to say apparently. Dren's working. Jaxon's at a friend's playing. Potatoes are roasting in the oven and I've got to get out the steaks to salt for barbequeing. Yeah...so it's 2 degrees. And? ANTM is on tonight, and I've been working on this week's dare, which is going to be totally different and totally fun...so it's bound to be a great night.

And to steal from Nisa, because I know it's "her phrase" but I really can't help it because it's also just so me...



ArtsyMama said...

Doesn't it feel great to purge!!! Don't worry, before long they'll be full of *new* fun toys again!

Nisa said...

you can steal.
it's ok.
I will share.
cuz it's fun to say.
yeah for purging!!!
(and I wanna come sleep over...
under the canopy tunnel...)

Anna-Marie Still said...

Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for Friday's dare! I'm jealous of your purgery! Gotta do some of my own! It's just so hard to know where to begin!

Jamie said...

dude, purging and cleaning is the BEST sometimes.
i REALLY need to do that with my closet, eeek....

sarah said...

oh man...I need to purge and clean BAD!
it always feels so good once it's done.

have fun with Gabby! :)

erika said...

aw-yeah...she's TOTALLY going to sleep in the tenttubething. :) :) :)
jealous much, why yes i am, thanks for asking :) HA!
HAVE FUN!xxxxxxxxxxxxxe