08 November 2006

hump day comes to a close

11:41pm wednesday night. gabby left yesterday. we had such a whirlwind of a visit. the best whirlwind ever. i seriously love that girl. the fact that she came here to visit, stayed with us, made herself at home, made herself comfortable, slept under jaxon's stars & moon canopy (joyously), showers in 12 seconds, uses funny voices, laughs at the most random funny things ever (with me...ok...sometimes at me), braved the most rain vancouver has seen in a 48 hour period in like forever, and eats good food like a champion (me), shops like me (quick and glancy except when the store is totally deserving of some real serious attention; hello paper-ya...ya?)...sigh.

it rocked.

and aaaaall the photos are on her camera. which, despite a flight cancellation, a lost-then-found bag (which said camera was not in thank god), and a TWENTY HOUR journey home, is safe in her posession....

can't wait to see the photos (again) babygirl. i love you!!!

today was back to work day. it was hard! i wished it was thursday, not wednesday. but we can't always get what we want, right? oh well. tomorrow is thursday.

tonight i went to mum's for dinner. we made gourmet pizzas with the sisters and a couple friends and helped aley with her photos and frames (she frames flower photos that she takes...amazingly). it was yum. but it was a long day. after a couple other long days.

and now i'm ready for bed.



Missy said...

sounds like a wonderful time...
and I want to see pics of my two fave girls!!

Alissa said...

good times with friends
are THE best!
i'm glad you 2 had a fab time!
can't wait to see photos!


Jamie said...

I'm so happy you girls had such a great time!!!
That's so exciting!
Can't wait to see some pics too...

gabbyfek said...

i'm suffering from massive post-g2 withdrawl. not even kidding.
i miss your wonderful little family.
and rainy vancouver.
and good food.
and stuffed biiiiiirds.
oh yes i do.
will send pics. soon. promise. if e is reading this she is laughing-- b/c my soon is not ever so much soon. bad gab.

sarah said...

I'm so glad you guys had an amazing time!
I can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

awwwww.......yay for you and the g for a fun visit. i'm a wee bit jealous, actually :) can't wait to see pics.

Dawn said...

Glad you had fun Gen... OMG a lost bag - my worst nightmare!

la- said...

Those are some fab pics- sounds like a wonderful time spent! Cannot wait to see the pages from these photos!