14 November 2006

fontwerks explosion!

Gettin scrappy. Good times. Fontwerks all over the place!
I think it's pretty cool that the MC kit used Fontwerks papers, then I got my hands on some fresh acrylic by same company, and so almost everything I've touched lately turns to Fontwerks love!
Also workin on streamlining the space a little more. What that actually means is that I'm trying to get stuff off the floor and into homes. The stuff is very happy, and so am I. Oh, and so is my dear darling husband. :)

I actually did this one in response to Ali's AEzine challenge to group/layer stamps...use stamps...make mistakes, etc. I say actually, because I'm actually impressed with myself that I remembered the challenge and completed the layout...and it was just for fun!

I've had these mustard face photos hangin out for so long. I used the November kit from Memory Creators for this, as well as that cute lil curly frame stamp (Fontwerks). I'm irritated because the writing is crooked. Oh well...I'm letting it go. For now :)

Sophie and Jaxon. From a long time ago. From one of my favourite series of photos. Look at J's lil baby face huh!? More goodies from the MC November kit, plus some older Fontwerks rubons and some grid paper from my stash.

OK...This page makes me happy for so many reasons, despite the kind off-ish scan.
1. Taila. She melts my freakin heart. I could scrap her endlessly.
2. The Fontwerks label stamp. I am in love with the labels. LOVING the labels.
3. Some of my all-time favourite 7 Gypsies paper.
4. A little corrugated action. Don't know why, but i just love the stuff.
5. Rhinestones. Even though they make for crap scans, they are good stuff.
6. George. Alphabet, that is. All. Time. Favourite.
7. A weird coloured cardstock for the background and actually liking it.

Back to work. Argh. Why is it so hard to go back to work after a long weekend? I suppose that's obvious. Argh.


Vee said...

seriously love all three!
so FAB
you are awesome girlie!!

sarah said...

love all these.
especially that first one.
love the stamp action on it. :)

gabbyfek said...

you rock the scraps
the mostest
and the stamps
also the mostest
i'm still stamp inept

Anonymous said...

great pages.. very awesome use of the kit... I still have some left over.. I might be pulling them back out later this week...


gloriarose said...

I love the mustard face lo.
He is too cute.

Nicole said...

love me some eye candy from Gen!!
beautiful stuff girl!:)

Anonymous said...

These are amazing.
Love them

ania said...

Gorgeous layouts, and I love the shots in the prev post - so many cute and funny pictures!