30 October 2006

happy place

wanted to share my happy place from last night.
so happy.
today, monday, at work...not quite as happy. but trying ;)
had a g-chat w/ g1 today...she will be landing in vancouver in just 7 sleeps.
i can't wait!!!!!!!!


Missy said...

that looks like fun :)

Sarah said...

woah. that is a happy place indeed!!!

Lala said...

I love that! I need my studio to look as "happy" as that... soon! I only have a few more sleeps too! Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Love the worked on look, so arty! And so funny how you recognize things other people use that you do too. That funky green corner rounder is sitting on my desk too...LOL

G-Chat. I have this, no idea how to use it.

You're going to have so much fun hanging with your bud G...I wish you guys oodles of artsy fun!


Alissa said...

looks like a very fun happy place!

enjoy your time with g! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty
It's so pretty

Dawn said...

great looking happy place Gen :) - looking much better than my dining room table space