13 September 2006

where have i been?

No, really, I'm asking. I mean, busy, I guess? Had nothig to say, I guess? Hmmm. Oh well. Taking a break is never a bad thing. I *have* been pretty busy and sick and working and appointments and all that jazz.

I've been scrapping a TON but mostly stuff I can't really share just yet. Bummer. Note to self: do some stuff just for fun. But having a serious amount of fun with what I have been working on, which feels just SO NICE.

Oh...I stumbled upon THIS just a few minutes ago. Brand new TATTOO influenced brushes from the genius brush maker Jason Gaylor himself? HELL YEAH! (i say). Or, if I were a tad more conservative, HECK YEAH! like someone southern or with a U.S. of A accent. So cute.

Off to finish making the dinner (it's 7:16pm) that I had the best of intentions about but me & J ended up eating tuna fish sandwhiches instead because he was starving and so was I and in all reality it's not going to be done for probably another 45 minutes considering I forgot to start the rice and it's brown and brown rice takes a million years to cook.

At least Dren can have some. And at least my lunch and dinner tomorrow will be yummy.



Amber said...

i am alllll over those brushes.

e said...

heehee....i hear you on the dinner intentions....that's SO me...
and the brushes..YUM.

sarah said...

LOVE those brushes...
so very cool!

gabbyfek said...

brown rice
it hates me
i feel your pain
on another note
me too.
love you.
november here yet?

Anonymous said...

the brown and me
don't get along too well,
hope you are feeling better.
LOVE the brushes!


Meghan said...

Oh heck yeah!
ha ha ha! that is such a Utah thing I think!

Mara said...

heck ya!
you = funny.
enjoy the brown rice.