05 September 2006

hell yes.

project runway season 3 premiered on the life network last night in canada.
i am relieved (SO RELIEVED) to be out of my miserable suffering due to being completely and utterly deprived for the last several weeks while my girls in the US chatter about show details making me completely insane.
project runway is back.
this show makes me happy and crazy inspired.
and it's back in canada (yo).
hell yes.


Just Me said...

yay for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, for sure! It's a GREAT season so far!

Breanne Crawford said...

yay!!! LOVE me project runway! make sure you listen to tim's podcasts too! theyre hilarious!

Missy said...

now get on it, sister ;)
so we can debrief ;)

Mara said...

gotta love the PR.

Anonymous said...

You're going to enjoy it Gen !

Anonymous said...

you are so funny, Gen.. this is one show i actually haven't watched.. but i'm DYING to!!! how have i missed this one!? gotta find out when it comes on next time! :-)

Alison said...

OH man.
I'm dying to see it!