24 August 2006


i took a bunch of pix of the newest addition to the mini-album family.
they mostly suck. they're mostly blurry.
i hate that.

i'm going to take more, but who knows when i will *actually* get around to it, and at least this gives a pretty good idea of what i got up to.

last weekend, i had the opportunity to meet the creative genius behind this company at ruby dog's 2nd birthday event. even the name of christina's company is cool. (and it just so happens to be part of her last name)(oh, and she's super sweet as well as talented and smart)(and their revamped website kicks butt...so much going on). i got some goodies to play with...2 lines of yummalicious paper, and brand-spanking new chipboard tags. oh me oh my be still my beating heart. they SCREAMED mini book (of course, hello!!??) but i look forward to having fun with all the shapes for some time to come. fun fun FUN.

for this book i used almost all (maybe all!?) the tags in the set to make a multi-shape, multi-size fun cute mini tag book. at first i wasn't sure how it would turn out because of the fact that the shapes are so all over the place, but i ended up loving the result. i've also used bits from both lines of paper, and to be honest, not a whole lot else. i chose a bunch of quotes that i'm loving right now to fill the book with. the "title" is q@28 which would stand for Quotes at 28. imagine that!!

here's what i've managed to photograph so far that is actually legible. more to come if i can ever photograph it when there's enough light and not fool myself into thinking that the pictures i'm getting are good and decent and in focus when they're actually totally not. alright then. over and out.


Mara said...

how did you get so cool?
i love this tag book.
awesome and gorgeous.

sarah said...

if I ever make it up to canada,
will you teach me how to make a cool mini book?!
cause you are the queen of them.
love the tags!

Sarah said...

arg, that is soo cool!!!!

Christina Lazar-Schuler said...

WOW Gen!! This is amazing =)
and thanks for the "props" in the blog. You're too sweet.

We're definitely going to have to set-up a play day in the next few weeks!

GloriaRose said...

I'm loving your mini books.
I want to make one now.

ArtsyMama said...

Looks fantastic!!!

Vee said...

this is awesome
<3 it!

Anonymous said...

throw some of that amazing creativity to me already!
you obviously have more than enough!!!!!!
i LOVE this gen,
all sorts of wow going on.

Alissa said...

love this!
another mini book is always good!
love me some mini books...
especially ones made by you, gen!