15 August 2006

busy no time

you know when you feel like every waking second is taken up with something, but then you also seem to have a million things still to do and you feel like you don't have time to get anything done and it's almost depressing because what you really probably need is a minute to download the poor brain? yes, well...that's me these days.

self talk #?:
remember to check in with yourself. amazing...even just writing a couple sentences on my own blog about my current state just makes me more aware...and probably way more able to change things to suit myself. right?

and ps.
thank you again for the heaps of advice on migraines. i think i nipped another one in the bud the other day. for those of you who have them, did you always get them or did they start at a certain point in your life?


jamaica said...

I started getting migraines in my early 20s, really horrible ones that made me throw-up, made my arms go numb and my vision fade. After 5 years of that I decided to quit taking my birth control pills. I'd heard that migraines could be hormone triggered so I did it and it worked. I've had a few here and there but nothing like before. Now I just try to avoid florescent lights and take medicine right away when I feel one coming. Hope this helps!

Missy said...

in all of your busy-ness...
I'm glad we got a chat in today ;)
miss you, chick.

Michelle W. said...

yap... nothing more to download in this brain because the memory is full! lol.

Love that you check in and... migraines sucks. Hopefully coffee drinking will stop it forever!

I only got it when I was preggo before and couldn't drink any coffee.

Mara said...

sorry life is so hectic right now - hopefully it's good hectic, not bad hectic... hugs, g. xo.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Hey there, I've gotten them for a long time, but they are usually brought on by a 'trigger'...for me, sometimes it's yogurt or cheese...my dr recommended I keep a journal for a while of what I did, ate, etc before a migraine came on. That way, after a few times, you can kind of tell what caused it. HTH!

Heather M. said...

Ack! I feel like that a lot and it is NOT fun!

My migraines started when I moved to Calgary. Apparently a lot of people get them when they live here because of the chinooks and with that come constant changes in pressure, which cause some people migraines or bad headaches. Yah, not so fun. However, I haven't had one in over 3 years - not sure why.

Anonymous said...

My migraines started when I was about 18 years old. Why? Don't know. When I was out and an attack hit me I had to rush home, go to bed, curtains closed and the radio playing. The radio helped a lot. And my mother then came into my room asking me how I felt. I could not answer: that was too painfull. Over the years I had several attacks (can't call them anything else). And I discovered I had them when I was too busy worrying about things. Not right away but the next morning. And than always around 8 o'clock. The regular medics couldn't help me so I ended up with a doctor who made pictures of my eyes (gave me Chelsemium 30 to ease the neckpain) and he send me to a chiropractor. A lot of consults (and years) later and my headaches were gone! Through time they disappeared and now I can't remember when I had the last one. Happy me!
Maybe this mail helps you in finding a cure. Hope so!

Take care!