07 April 2006

woman power

dare #23 is up!

check it out. seriously.
makes ya think.
makes ya feel stronger.

***ETA: i totally forgot to mention previously (at 6:whatever a.m. when this post was original done)
that this dare is brought to you by the letter F
F is for FONTWERKS!!!!
i *heart* fontwerks.
i have a special thing for them because they're not only cool, but local to me :)
but also cool. like cool stuff to use.
they are responsible for me wanting to stamp again after swearing off stamps forever.
do you hear that kah-mei!!!???
now it's becoming a problem.
but a fun problem.
oh, also a cool creative team.
a couple cool garden girls, a cool hof winner, a couple other cool kids too! ;)
always doing drool-worthy stuff.
REALLY cool stuff for this dare - check it out on their site.
yum. fun.
so yay for fontwerks and yay for stamping and NEAT paper!!!
on this layout, i used kate teague simply neat paper, typesetter & stitch stamparoos.
love em.

i got a new shelf from ikea yesterday.
dren got it made in like 1/2 an hour.
i think that's a record.
then i organized.
purged (just a little).
will share pix later.
LOVE my new space.



Lilli said...

Fantastic. What you say on your LO is so so true, and you're lucky to know this at your age, unlike the women I've known that still don't realize it in their 50's! Love your stuff :)

The Other Half said...

as if i even have to tell you that i think this is awesome....you're awesome...lovin it

erika said...

sooo true...
i love you and this layout so.

Cindy (RustyBucket) said...

Gorgeous Gen and congrats on your newly organized space ! C.

sarah said...

so true...
I love this layout, it's just gorgeous.

Amber said...

Love this LO! It reminds me of an ad that came with my t-mobile bill! I was totally gonna scraplift it and you beat me to it! WTG! :) Is the patterned paper fontwerks?

Valerie said...

Gen..awesome layout!! I love it, love how you did your pic!! I'm going to have a try with this dare!! Thanks!!

Erin said...

fontwerks is da bomb diddly!
totally made that up...
yay for your freaking fantastic dare!
it's so awesome gentastic!

Renee said...

Love this layout, Gen! Made my day. Now I want to scrap. shop then scrap...with you! can't wait!

Caroline said...

i freaking LOVED that dare.
and your LO too!

Missy said...

look at you all cut up and put back together. that's how it goes sometimes, isn't it? :)
Love your dare, sweet cheeks!!
And I am proud to share and enable your stamping obsession ;)

Mara said...

ya seriously, how did you get so creative?!
i am kind of speechless.

Alissa said...

LOVE this LO, Gen, and totally freakin' love this dare! You did a FAB job working the Fontwerks, Girl!

Sarah said...

You have been posting some deliciously, fabulously wonderful art stuff, love. It's fan-freaking-tastic.

kah-mei said...

gotta come and live in your brain for a day or two and soak up your crazy creativity, Gen!! Thanks for the super sweet words!

Kate T said...

LOVE your page Gen and yep, I heart fontwerks too for those same reasons- Kah-Mei- well she's the best!