25 April 2006


great title huh?
would help if i spelled (spelt?)(surely not) it right.
but i spelled/spelt it wrong twice.
to tuesay it is.
for 63 more minutes.

i MUST say a humongo thank you to miss missy for telling me about this because now i can be a much more efficient blogger. really. efficiency rocks. i suppose stiiiill being off work has nothing to do with me having more blog time...right.

in LOVE with project catwalk. very similar to project runway but well...BETTER! like a billion times better. in. LOVE. L-O-V-E love. makes me happy.

still appreciating all of the good wishes, phone calls, emails and visits i've received since being laid up. i have a good life, full of good friend and family, and for that i am soso grateful.

renee brought me some NEW 7g paper yumyumdrooldrool amongst other fun and sweet goodies. LOVE goody drops. speaking of...it was a great mail day yesterday. got the may kit from LM. full of cactus pink & HS journalling spots, along with other awesomeness. oh, and !!!cactus pink is our DT sponsor this month so that meant LOTS of extras - yipee.

one good thing about this PC.
PC loves blogger.
or blogger loves PC.
i can link like a fiend...and i think even make things bold and change colours.
you should know, my friends, that these options were just not readily available on the mac. and i never bothered to find out if they actually were available at all.

and two more things.

i love sunshine.
and taking photos outside with the wonderfully long light days.

scrappy stuff to share tomorrow.


Lu said...

you feel better soon, G!

Sarah said...

Can't WAIT to see what you do with the 7g!

I'm dazzled by your blogging skillz.

Alison said...

Blogger hates safari for whatever reason.
I call it discrimination.
But that's me.

em said...

i love new shtuff ;)

have a good wensday - hehe

Missy said...

hooray for bloglines and efficient blog reading!! glad I could help, sweet pea :)