04 April 2006

sunshine, tulips & little books

gorgeous day here today.
i love spring!
there are tulips and cherry blossoms and daffodils everywhere.

so. more to the art journal. loving this SO much.
i thought it might mean i'd get less done on other creative projects.
not so. more creative juice flowin.

**eta: is it wrong that i stole a fridge magnet from my child who never plays with them? it was on the kitchen floor, i stepped on it, swore, and then looked down and it was the number 8. on day 8. imagine that. so i stole it.

i am grateful for my amazingly talented friend kla. she inspires me incredibly, and yesterday when i checked her blog and saw her AWESOME art journal i was so inspired to give my pages a home. to make this a permanent process. i'm often afraid of the permanent. i don't label things with permanent marker...i like labels to be removeable. screw it. i want to change. i made a book. and i love it.

took some pix of my new circle journal today too.
will edit and share later.
i've fallen in love with little books.


Penny said...

Wow! This is fantastic...the little book is awesome..that's great that you went for it and made a book! Love the 8!

Klala said...

THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. And now their beauty is multiplied by being with eachother, permanently.

I LOVE YOU, your art, your acceptance, your mind, your heart...You are too far away. I want to kiss you today.

Veronica said...

I love your book. It's awesome! So glad you shared it. I totally understand how you feel about being afraid of making things permanent. I never use a permanent marker, either, because I'm afraid I won't be able to change it later. I want to get over that fear. Thanks.

Lilli said...

What a great realization. One of my fave quotes is "What you put your attention on, grows". So we've all got our heads spinning with creative ideas :) Congrats on getting your stuff into a book

Renee said...

how'd you do that? it's so cool! you have to bring it when you come over, k?


twistedsoda said...

oh yes!!! This is it! You have the perfectly altered, perfectly journalled, perfectly you book!!!! BRAVO girl!!!

Shelly said...

Loved your journaling today! Continue your wonderful process!

Erin said...

how much amazingness (word?) is gonna be crammed into that book?
i love that you're doing this gen.
this is going to be something you'll cherish forever and ever.
love yoU!

Missy said...

um yes, hello? Gen? I'd like to order a sliver of your creativity. Cool? Just a sliver. YOU WON'T EVEN MISS IT.

And thank you for sneaky peeks ;)

Meghan said...

All so gorgeous G, I just love these little books and your photos are always so pretty of yourself! You are one talented and inspiring woman.

Michelle W. said...

coolness! Love it!


Mara said...

LOVE the fridge mag.
Love little books.
Can't WAIT to see your CJ.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Your book is amazing! Did you make it from scratch?

Caroline said...

your book is soooo amazing, gen!!!
i mean...
i am speechless

Sam said...

Your book is truely an ispiration in itself. I've been doing mine digi but today I think I will break out my "schtuff". Of course my 3 year old will have to create somthing right behind me.

Love the "8".

Sharma said...

Love your pages and congrats on "Committing" to a book - love your journalling and a little theft form the innocent if fine if its done in the name of art LOL!

Anna Aspnes said...

I put my book together too. Does make it permanent doesn't it! Love your creativity :)

Just Rhonda said...

oh wow i love your journal!!! It is amazing. Love the magnet 8. Such a beautiful little book!!!!