14 April 2006


missing it.
my mac.
boo hiss. (hmmm...sound familiar missy? hope you get better SOON!!)
doesn't help that for at least 8 hours per day i'm on one.
so what does that mean?
that means i close emails on the pc instead of "queing" them (or however you spell that...why those two completely opposite functions need to be on the same top right hand corner of my email message is beyond me...i know i know...bill gates and steve jobs (or whatever his name is) don't care and certainly weren't in cahoots back when they figured that out...or their peons did)
that means apparently i can't figure out how to make my scanner work.
that means my computer just isn't as friendly.
and yes, i like a friendly computer.
because please people...these machines we rely on so heavily are not REALLY our friends...
but the more we can pretend the better right?
i mean...since we spend so much time with them and everything.
SO> (HAHAHA. apparently my PERIOD key didn't want to work there for a minute..NOPE i'm not bitter...NOT ONE BIT)
SO. (PERIOD!!!) damn thing...
holy crap i'm ranting.
and i can't even remember what was supposed to come after SO.

but i do know this.
it's mara's birthday. yep. i haven't slept yet, so even though the whole time thing means it's officially over...well...in my world it's not yet. so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARA! an if it weren't 1:21 am i might link your blog or something. but it is so i'm not. (member...i'm lazy :)

exciting news on the DARE front (another non-linkage thing...but check out the link of the side if you're not already familiar)...supa dupa.

kristina made me flipping HOWL on the phone today. love you and your uhm.......totally stable self ;)

gabby rocks. she loves her friends so much. kind soul.
phone date must be had. soon.

miss lots of people...good friends that i've been not so connected to lately...stupid computer...stupid job (sort of not really, but you know)

spent the evening scrapping with my awesome girl-pal coco j. love her bunches.
got a page done for LM....DT inspiration piece. fun. and it involves another wicked g-friend...RENEE...again, no linkage...sorry! :P

received freestyle in the not mail...the fedex...on monday.
it is amazing.
more amazing every day.
i love flipping through it.
putting it down
flipping a little more.
examining all the little close-up shots of little bits and pieces.
reading titles.
absorbing greatness.
eventually, i will sit down with it and absord more from it.
for now, still...for a while to come, probably...MAJOR eye candy & inspiration.
wicked, wicked stuff.
i HIGhLY recommend it....heehee.

so gotta go to bed.
i certainly hope i can figure this damn commputer out so i can share some fun pix etc soon.



*gEorGe! said...

Hi Gen,
just found your blog! thought i'd pop in and say HI. HI!
sorry, it's late and i need sleep.
Will keep popping in now that i've found it
(your blog , of course)
Z :)

gabbyfek said...

i love YOU so much.
well, cuz you are my friend.
phone date.
maybe this weekend while i make lots of jello. heck yes i just said jello.
love you.
cannot wait to see MY copy of freestyle to drool over more of your work.
x's and o's-- so so so many fo them.

Anonymous said...

hey lady...
so love your late nihgt ramblies.
love you.
yes indeed.
sorry 'bout the 'puter wo's
how do you spell that?
oh, you know what I mean.
love yoooo.

Jen said...

I have some Freestyle too...and it IS amazing. And I'm not even in it, so I can imagine how amazing it is for you to look through it.
Sorry bout sucky compys...you're right, they ARE NOT our friends.

Missy said...

awww man!!
boo hiss is right.
I'm feeling a little bit better... thank goodness... still have a fever, but it's going down :)
love you!!

Just Me said...

ohhhh....i want to see a copy...just so i can see your name on it ;-)~

Anonymous said...

i miss yoU!

sarah said...

I am in LOVE with my copy of the Freestyle book...
I just keep reading and looking and reading and looking...

Mara said...

thank you for the birthday wishes, sweet gen.
yes, gabby is the greatest.
yes, macs are better.
freestyle - i want that.
now :)