02 February 2006

vegas is crazy!

I still need more time for it all to sink in.
but in the meantime.
so glad i went.
LOVE the ladies i met.
every single one. LOVE YOU!!!
yummy goodies.
crazy vegas.

everything in life being difficult for meghan rubbing off on me...

ACTUAL leaving time?

arrival time?

ahhhh. home sweet home.

looking forward to sharing more pix and details a little later.


Missy said...

oh my golly, sweetie.
I know that flight sucked. I know that little sleepy, chatty jax made coming home even better...
love you. love that I got to meet you... and laugh with you... and TALK with you... you are an amazing woman ;) And I'm thankful I got to know you :)We got GAMES, baby... oh that's just BAD.

Erin said...

oh gen...
how i wish i could have sat in the airport w/ you and drank those bloody mary's...
but then i would have cried again when i had to say bye to you and that might just have thrown my over the edge!
i miss you so much girl,
i totally love you!
Do you know what we got games stands for?
it's Gabby, April, Missy, Erin and we added the S for Simmonds (two G's just doesn't fit!).
So yes, we got GAMES!

gabbyfek said...

you were stuck in the airport for so long....
poor baby girl.
how come i didn't get more time w/ you, huh?!?!
and when do i get to "share" a bag of chewy JRs w/ you again???
soon, i hope.
you are so the coolest.
and i adore you.

Meghan said...

I am sorry it rubbed off on you! Most things are difficult! :)
Miss ya already chick!

wendi said...

OMG!! that sucks sooo bad! it was so nice to meet you! sweetness to say the least!

Nisa said...

holy sweet mother that sucks. glad to hear your home safe and sound now. It was so rad to meet you! you are amazin'grace! also I keep hearing "I'm a little bit shy" in my head and it's making me want to shoot out a baby like now! serious.

Klala said...