08 February 2006

so much better +

thank you.
thank you for your kind comments, emails, thoughtful wishes.

as i wrote elsewhere earlier...things always look brighter by the light of day.
and what a LIGHT-filled and gorgeous day. crisp and breezy. blue sky. sunshine.
i'm so lucky in this life.
today i remember something my mama said last night.
it was in reference to my dad's mid-life crisis or whatever the hell is going on with him.

doesn't he know how lucky we are?
he has to know how wealthy we are.
we have two beautiful houses.
we have a family...children...grandchildren.
we have money in the bank.
we have friends.
we are so lucky.

it's a much more optomistic mood today my friends.
i'm tempted to NOT check my email today when i get home.
go straight into play mode.
so feeling the need to create.
there is SO much inspiration out there.
oh yeah. plus, i have 3 circle journals sitting at home.
and 3 more on their way to me.
i think between kathy and i we are holding up about 29 people.
suffice to say, the procrastination resolution is not going so well.
but hey...sometimes things get in the way.
you deal with them, you move on.

i realize i have done NOTHING with vegas pix yet.
haven't shared.
haven't scrapped em.
must do so. and feeling like doing so.

love yall...


Jen said...

I sometimes think that's what the bad times are for...to make us take stock and realize how truly blessed we are. So happy that you feel that way.
Now go create some amazing Genevieve genius.

Tami said...

my parents had a horrible marriage, my mother is on marriage #3, my father is living alone again after marriage #2 broke up. so now, my sister is almost married as long as my parents were so she has no direction on how married life is after this point. can you really be happy for 75 years with the same person? I don't know?

what i do know is that my husband is great and totally understands all this. sounds like yours does too

my father did some crazy things, none that i have actually ever talk to him about. he has tons of money but it still doesn't make him happy, living along eating cereal for dinner

Missy said...

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better :)

I don't like my Gen sad.

Nisa said...

ok- you need to email me my sweet love. cuz I can't find your email no wheres...and I don't have a slick lil device like you had in Vegas. so email me. k? should I put my email here? maybe you just track me down through my blog. there is an "email me" link I think. otherwise all your crazy lurkers might start emailing me...and who knows what that would lead to!?
long comment.

Kathy said...

hey girlie glad to hear you are feeling better - a good sleep and sunny can help spirits tons :D

YOuknow what just pack all your scrap crap and come down for the weekend :D Wouldn't that be fun - we could drink and scrap and then decide we had to redo everything when we were sober since no lines would be straight ;)

gabbyfek said...

a little sunshine always helps...
and your mom is right.
and you are right.
just like i'm lucky to have you in my life. oh yes. yes i am.
if you created stuff...
i best be seeing peeks.

Anonymous said...

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