23 February 2006

my first dare and more

the latest in Dare Land is up and available for perusal...
what do you think?

here is mine...

in other news: deadlines deadline deadlines.
i'm curious -
why are people who want to make cds & dvds always so far behind the 8ball?
it makes their life difficult.
it makes our lives difficult.
it makes the lives of the people @ the plant difficult.
it makes NO sense!
our motto:
do NOT book your CD release party/show/conference/whatever before you have your discs in hand!!!!
do people listen to our oh-so-wise motto?
not generally, no they don't
just one of the bits and pieces making my life exhausting this week.

but this little gem just this minute came out of j's mouth:
(is awake at 11:30pm because he's getting sicko so is lying on the couch watching the discovery channel w/ d woo hoo good cozy couch times)
"sometimes i watched that before.
when i was sixteen years old!"
-jaxon @ 4 years old.
(d and i LOST it, of course)

also in the good news section:
i had so much fun tonight w/ renee.
this girl has a heart of gold.
so generous and beautiful and kind.
so glad to have her as a friend.

alright. time for a few cheetos (yep - 24 hr shopper's drug mart came in handy renee! lol) and a good night's sleep.


The Other Half said...

ha! kids say the funniest things...love the LO!

Nicole said...

The J man is so cute! Great lo Gen, very inspiring!:)

Gillian Greding said...

This is just a beautiful layout! Inspiring.

Mara said...

love the dare this week!
your LO is awesome :)

Erin said...

LOVE that LO,
love little jaxon and his sweet mind,
and love that you get to hang out w/ renee!
wish i could be there too!

Missy said...

oh you know I love that durn page. So So So very glad you are joining us on these dares :)
YOU are amazing.

Renee said...

Gen, I miss you!! I'm in so much pain right now...3 words: laser gum surgery! I thought I was going in for a filling or two, and he tricked me...dentists.

1st: LOVE your first effer dare layout...you are too cool. I love it!

2nd: I had so much fun with my paperjax too! LOL! scrapping, project runway, wine...what more could we ask for? Oh, maybe 10,000 HS chipboard alphabets...oh no, we had that too! LOL!

3rd: Erin, we WANT you too!! Come to Van city, K?

I'm calling you.....when I can open my mouth without crying! LOL! Take care, Gen!

Michelle W. said...

Love your layout. Glad to see the dares. I'm thinking about doing this one.

Michelle - burberrygirl

Lu said...

i think you freakin' rocked it. that is what i think. that picture of you in incredible. i love it.

Jen said...

What do i think???
I think you are brilliant.
And that's that.

Rockester said...

Glad to see you have joined the Effer official team. Thanks for the inspiration and for the GREAT layout...Life so totally is an up and down process -and sometimes even sideways! LOL
I will try to get my #19 effer dare done this week! great topic.