06 February 2006


back to work day...
i thought holidays were supposed to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for work again?
not so.

oh well.
the sun is shining.
i am alive and breathing.

dren's class 1 driving test is today...in TWO hours.
he neeeeeds to pass so he can get a job.
send good luck vibes, K?

love love love to everyone on this...sigh...monday.



wendi said...

ugghhh...i feel the same way about mondays

Jen said...

(pass Dren pass Dren pass Dren pass Dren pass Dren)

Hate Mondays..and holidays always make it harder to go back to work, I think.

Anonymous said...

gen needs some spending money to get her to visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love you girl!
i'm having a totally blah day, not feeling the mojo.
damn it!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

ick Mondays ... I hear ya.

gabbyfek said...

lots of luck.
to you.
err, to dren.
ok, to you both.
it was so a monday, eh?!

Kathy said...

It is ok, I have alerted the VPD to be on the lookout and clear all roads AND streets!

Good luck to him Gen, may he drive safe and well :D

hugs my girl!

Robyn said...

hey girl, just catching up on all that's been going on with you- congrats on all the awesome scrap karma! ya must be doin' something right! :) off to check out all your vegas pics- sounds like you had a blast!

Nisa said...

I think er'body should just get like a by (bye/buy? what?) on Mondays...come in, don't come in...do what you want...just kind of hatch into the week. you know.
also, so here you on the vacay.
man alive.
is it time for my next vacation?

Sarah said...