20 February 2006

disappearing into the pits of hell

also known as: work without a receptionist/$ person for a whole week...
i'm gonna work my butt off today and hopefully get all miraculously caught up so that i don't have to disappear for the whole entire week never to be seen or heard from again for the whole week... :P
i am desperate to blog and pea but just freakin CAN'T right now...
hope to later...just know i DO love you i DO!!!!
back to the pits....wish me luck.


Lu said...

come back from the depths and the pit soon. you will be missed.

Erin said...

awwwww gen,
i don't even want to imagine you in the pits of hell!
poor YOU!
i love you!!!!

Mara said...

uh oh, good luck!!
see ya soon!

Caroline said...

good luck!