06 August 2005

finally a few photos

Photoshop decided to be my enemy last night. We battled, and I won so it died. I decided not to bring it back to life last night and instead went to bed. LOL Robyn...you won't be getting pix of the milky green cooler.

Now for a few pix from the wedding. Some of you may know that D's sister is a witch. That's right. There was talk a while back about she and her bridesmaids wearing fairy wings for the ceremony. OK then. It didn't happen (phew). I thought the whole thing might be odd, but it wasn't odd. As you can tell from her dress, she's a non-traditional kinda girl. The ceremony is called a hand-fasting, and part of it is binding the hands of the bride and groom together with rope.

JJ was absolutely amazing during the ceremony. I was so worried that he would get restless and start acting up, or see his dad up with the rest of the wedding party and feel the need to talk to him or go see him. But instead he sat through the whole thing and was an absolute angel. He rocks...he makes me so proud. At one point he was getting a bit restless/tired and he inhaled, and let out this HUGE audible siiiigh. All the guests sitting right around us, all family, got such a kick out of that. It was very cute.

Top right corner - YUM!!! Sneaking flying fish from the plate D's dad had so carefully put together. At least pretending to. D's stepmom and I were harassing dad for samples while he was cooking, driving him nuts. Flying fish is a Barbados specialty I was introduced to by this wonderful family several years ago. YUM.

Bottom right corner - the absolute gorgeous, totally affordable lanterns. They are made out of frosted Christmas lights, white paper bags, and some beautiful ribbon. Don't they look so warm and inviting and NOT cheap!!?? I think I took a gazillion photos of them, experimenting with the light and different settings on my camera. Oh - and it turns out I took over 400 shots - not over 300. Whoa dude.

The temperature was quite disgusting for our whole trip. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to the whole E. Coast humidity thing. Air conditioning is a gooood thing. We had to get J's hair cut the very first day there because his mop of curls was working against him. No worries - they'll grow back and I do think he looks quite handsome with his "shortcut" as he named it.

Today I must continue to organize and create. I'm hoping to get my space cleared up, my new piece of furniture (a small but beautiful cabinet) up, and maybe some pictures taken.

Happy Saturday all you wonderful peoples!


Klala said...

I love those lanterns! I wish I could go back in time and have them at my wedding,lol!

heidi said...

sooooo beautiful gen! i cannot wait to see more pictures and layouts.

renee said...

He looks adorable...with curls or without! What a cutie! Love these pics...over 400...holy cow! ;)

Kathy said...

Oh Gen he looks so different, but still totally cute! It sounds like it was a pretty amazing wedding to be involved in, what a great experience. So when do we get to see layouts girl ;)

Missy said...

oh wow! sound like you guys were busy... but having fun :)

and the wing-thing? what's up with that?!?!?!?!

Amber said...

I'm so glad your little holiday was great times had by all. I love all the photos and really love the fact that you took so many....you know i can relate! LOL

DUDE...what is wrong w/ freaking wings? :o)