04 August 2005


I'm back and trying to get settled in. Major airline drama which sucked. We didn't get in until probably 1am last night (this morning). But we're HOME! And so thankful!!! The weather here kicks ass over the East Coast humidity that I apparently cannot handle. I'm sure I would get used to it, or at least get used to coping with it, if I had to...but I don't :P

I am so looking forward to checking out my fave blogs and I'm sure I've missed some awesome work and lots of fun.

Took over 300 pix...I suppose I should get my camera to downloading right quick.

While slightly marred by the delay getting home and no ride home from the airport, as well as more sweating than any human should ever sweat (yum, huh?) the trip really did rock, D's sister's wedding (make that wiccan handfasting, but it really wasn't too weird like a lot thought it would be) was beautiful, and his family is absolutely amazing.

Stories and photos to follow. Must read a bit, clean a bit, unpack a bit, and hopefully hopefully create a bit.

Love yall and missed you somethin fierce!!!!


Missy said...

yay! I'm looking forward to stories and photos. welcome home :)

heidi said...

hooray! glad to have you home safe and sound! missed you like crazy!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Welcome back! Glad you had fun and I can't wait to see some photos :)

Kathy said...

Missed you like crazy girl - it seemed so boring without ya around! So glad that everything turned out okay with your flight.

Nicole said...

Totally missed you! So glad you got back safe and sound.

Klala said...

Wiccan handfasting...interesting!

Anonymous said...

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