02 February 2007

clearly, it's friday

I think it's so neat how when you hang out with a bunch of friends you gradually adopt mannerisms and phrase-isms and word-isms and accents from eachother. I was fully speaking American by the end of day 3. CLEARLY.

Today, it's Friday. My second day back at work and already it's the weekend. That rocks.

Friday means: Dare 56 Day. Hell to the yizzah.
Brought to you by Sarah B. Love this girl. She's radical.

I'm also already scrapping photos from our Cali trip. Started a mini book...just have to add journalling and 'bellis. So much cool product coming out of CHA!


Alison said...

Love the new blog look
And the LO

Breanne said...

love this layout.

and the new look! I was thrown off for a sec going through my bookmarks!

alissa said...

love this page, g! loving the new blog makeover! can't wait to see the mini book in progress!

The Dares said...
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nisa said...

yeah, that was me above. the computer lied about my identity.
and this is the third effing time I'm trying to post. ger.
LOVE the new blog make over.
MISS you like mad.
that was the jist of it.

Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

gen my dear you are seriously amazing! Luv your layout, you three are so sweet together.

Sarah said...

clearly the new blog rocks, along with the scrappage.

Lala said...

Love the way the blog looks and this is such a cool page!

Klala said...