31 January 2007

and of course there was a red car

I have so much on my mind to talk about today! I've decided to mostly just stay in my head re-living the memories and stories (at least for today) and maybe even scrapping some of them. I had an amazing trip.

Just some quick highlights I'm riding the high of right now:
Seeing friends old and new, meeting people...complete strangers as well as so many women I look up to in the scrapping world. Seeing a booth with a whole chunk of it dedicated to my paper (so amazing...can't wait for the real thing). Laughing til my cheeks were sore. Talking to my boys on the phone and missing them hard. Seeing my pages up and on display. Red wine and steak. Starbucks lines. Sore feet. Crying. Scrapshopping for the first time in what feels like months (has it been months!?) American microbrewery beer. Taking a class. In-n-Out Burger. Claim Jumper. CVS. Jaxon leaving me a message about having a loose tooth (I know Kirsten can relate to feeling like our children were growing up while we were away). Saying hello, saying goodbye, hugs. Taking mad photos. Not ever getting a walk signal except for once. Delayed flights and an unexpected detour to Phoenix. Lazar, Fontwerks, Hambly, Amy Butler, 7Gypsies, Elsie's KI Line, My Mind's Eye, Making Memories kraft papers, Scenic Route, Narratives paper, American Crafts, Lil' Davis, Heidi Swapp. Really, the list is endless. The Boardwalk. Newport Beach. Oh, the beach.

I think I'm inspired to do some scrapping now.


Missy said...

oh man.
Claim jumper AND in-n-out?
Now my tummy is JEALOUS.
I wish I could have been there to see you.
Miss you sweets, glad you had an excellent adventure ;)

Anonymous said...

So happy for you Gen! So sweet and deserving of all the goodness. Congrats girl!

Klala said...

Watch out for those random trucks now, missy. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh man
you call me.
as i will never
in my life
understand the time difference.
and i will call you right back.
right quick.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gen! I'm so bummed i didn't get to go this time around..and see you again...and thank you for passes for the chicago CHA during the summer...and and and...especially since this was where i grew up!!! I'm SOOO incredibly jealous about claim jumper..and the beach..argh...im glad you enjoyed it though!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time!

Kirsten said...

who me???
I have no idea what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

I love this post.
Loved our time at Starbucks together.
Loved laughing asses off
until faces hurt.
send me the mother effing photo cd NOW!