01 March 2008

She Out.

I've taken a flying leap over to Typepad. You can find me here.

13 February 2008

12 February 2008

f PLUS w

Home sweet home!

I had a lot of fun in Cali and working the F+W booth and class was great. Everything went well except for the fact that I left all the prep stuff for the *very* cute demo in a folder on my desk at home. I realized it on the plane to Cali and promptly ordered a gin & tonic and resisted crying. I thought perhaps there was a chance I slipped it into my luggage without even remembering, but when I checked at midnight it really was true. We managed to rig something up by Monday, but it ended up not happening because instead I signed about a gazillion books.

When K & I went to pick up our badges the lady asked us for the company name. "F and W" we answered. She seemed to be having some trouble with the computer and proceeded to pick up a pamphlet. "OH. You mean F PLUS W". We exchange a look and a smile. Another lady says "What was the company name?" We turn our heads in unison "F PLUS W" and burst out laughing.

Awesome sushi and so many funny stories. A lot of laughter and walks through the romantic palm tree forest. Sunshine! So much scrap stuff that I'm feeling all rejuvenated. So good to see scrap buddies. The cutest Claudine and her inky fingers. Converse=best shoes ever for convention center. And the black flats weren't bad either. No camera means I'm relying on Morgan and K to email me photos. So I stole one from K's blog.

A'ight. Back to work.

Gratitude: Seeing my honey's gorgeous face at the airport last night at midnight after 7 hours of airports and travelling.


08 February 2008

i can't work

it's not because i let jaxon and carmichael stay home instead of go to daycare (no school).

it's not because i went to the mall with them so they could use giftcards and get yet another game for their DS(s?)

it's not beause it's a pretty nice day and i'd rather be outside.

it's because of thisbook.

and this magazine.

and this one.

and this one.

i couldn't choose, and i always get to treat myself to magazines for airplane rides.


now the challenge is to save them for the plane. but really, i won't read FOUR on the plane...


Grateful for new rags...

06 February 2008


I know I shouldn't call Ali a biotch, but I can't help it. I've so pared down the blogs that I read. For many reasons, but mostly just to get removed and get my head out of the computer. And also I have zero time available for that stuff. Not only that, but I've completely reduced shopping for scrap supplies. Like months and months (and sometimes months) between trips for anything except adhesive (still addicted to my sweet-ass cheap-ass tombow). And that's nice because every several months I'll reallyreally know what my favourite products were from the last round of releases. Not the current one, but the one before that and sometimes probably the one before that. Then I go and read Ali's blog, thinking perhaps she has a little bit of insightful wonderful inspirational creative tidbit, and instead she's talking about her latest favourite things. BIOTCH. I resist these things! WhatEVER.

OK F&W booth demo prep is complete (totally looking forward to seeing the DareBook larger than life!!) and I'm looking forward to seeing some friends from crazyscrapbookworld. And today we had Indian food for lunch and it was so yummy. Jaxon sprained his ankle yesterday (fell down the stairs and twisted it heading to the cafeteria for lunch) so this morning we went to get x-rays. Not fractured. Thank GOD. Some nice swelling, a good bruise, and a little hobbling. Nothing some TLC can't cure. Also enjoying Momo falling asleep in the perfect position in my lap while I work. So lovely.

OK bedtime. Who knows what tomorrow holds.
Gratitude: for something tomorrow may hold...


29 January 2008

sick as a dog

Where does that saying come from?!? Anyway, that's me. A throat infection that made its way to my stomach. Charming, no? 2nd day of antibiotics and I'm feeling so much better. Do you ever feel like you want to die for a minute when you're that sick? UGH.

Worked til late again today. Trying to catch up (what else is new) and maybe even get ahead so I can get the chance to play this week.

Dren and I have been watching Boston Legal on DVD. We sort of lost track of it when our schedules were off so we're picking it back up that way. Love the no commercials part of watching TV on DVD. I mentioned Parker Posey in my last post and she appeared today in the episode we saw! Neat little coincidence, I thought.

The candle just went out under my "rejuvenation" oil burner. I think that's a good sign it's time for bed.


24 January 2008

omg it's late

just finished a layout job. PHEW. increasing margins and flipping to a new smaller template for a 16 page DVD booklet layout = NOT FUN.

now it's late. need to get some sleep in order to wake up and get more work done.

i am in re-love with PARKER POSEY. hi. she is like, the cutest 30+ish-year-old. Queen of Indie. Need to filmography her immediately and watch everything she's done since the 90s. absolutely adored broken english.

going to Cali in a couple weeks! gonna see K! so 'cited! much to do and figure out. ha! it wouldn't be me if it wasn't in chaos.

paid so many bills this week. billsbillsbills. ick.

dinner with awesome company tonight @ hapa izakaya. too much food and just enough sake and sapporo. so much laughter my cheeks hurt.

that is all...