04 February 2007

lazy sunday

One of the best kinds of days, in my opinion. It's pouring rain outside. I lounged and dozed as we all watch Lord of the Rings this morning. Showers at 2:30pm. A little cleaning, a little surfing, a little colouring and then playing Lord of the Rings with transformers. Could there be anything better?

I have to share a couple of photos. The first is not exactly the most flattering photo ever. I literally leaped into the Lazar booth to see my paper and all the layouts. For some reason, I was compelled to promptly sit on the floor and try to hug the wall. Right then. Me, in all my glory, giving the wall a little love:

And just to offset that one with a photo of myself that I actually like (so much so that I had to ask if it was me)....Can I explain how amazing Nisa is? I mean, the girl can shoot.

And now back to regularly-scheduled lazy sunday programming.


Breanne said...

i think i need Nisa to photograph me.

and that wall is HAPPY.

Missy said...

you=simply beautiful.
that's all :)

Alison said...

I actually think they're both adorable.

Sam said...

I can understand why you like this photo. Absolutely gorgeous!


gabbyfek said...

i love them.
soooooooo much.
you are just so incredibly stunning.
you better know this.
or i'm going to call you to tell you...

gabbyfek said...

you'd better approve my comment.
miss you.
love you.

sarah said...

okay, the nisa photo is gorgeous...
but she had a gorgeous subject to start with. :)

and that booth photo is adorable.
you should be hugging the wall.
the papers are awesome and it's a huge, exciting adventure!