28 April 2006

it's a NEW day

onwards and forwards.
it's OK.
it's about learning and changing.
becoming stronger day by day.
everything is fine.
mum reminded me this morning that this is a learning experience for her too.
yeah...she's 59.
does that mean she won't make mistakes?
she's appreciative of everything GOOD that happened last night.
i'm gonna take a page from that book of hers.
not staying stuck on what was.
let's move on...

like perhaps to a new DARE DAY!!!
can i just please shout out to the incredible hambly!!???
the product is SO scrumptious.
wanna eat it up.
or at least scrap with it lots.
here, i did just that...couldn't stop:

AND people...i have to mention, since i have not yet (shameshame)...
we are FREESTYLE bloggin baby!!
freestyle has become a part of my heart and soul.
i'm blessed and honoured to be a part of such an amazing group.
i often feel not worthy...
but still appreciate the opportunity...
and the ongoing inspiration and friendships our group has formed.
the fun continues...
with challenges! the first being to scraplift any page from the book.
my only problem with this is...which one????
i flip-flop a lot...
the possibilities are endless.
but man oh man should you EVER check it out and join in.
the talent and eye candy is unbelievable.
i have incorportated the freestyle way of scrapbooking into my core.
it's SO freeing and fun.
helps you realize your inner artist...
seriously...every one of us scrapbookers has one.
no doubt.
i challenge you to find yours, recognize yours, release yours.
the freestyle floor is open folks.

a few more things.
thank you for your kind sweet supportive comments.
the "belongs to" tag on the framed project is from 7gypsies...LOVE!
and it's friday!!!!


Michelle W. said...

yay for the awesome works! Yay for Friday! You are just super awesome it's hard to find another word for it!

Renee said...

You're awesome!
I'm so gonna steal some of your talent when you're not looking. Hope to see you tonight! :)

Caroline said...

rock it, girl!

Sarah said...

your page is wonderful! Love all the delicious details.
And yes, checking the freestyle blog daily. I'm officially a fan. Like I'd go to the concert and buy a tee-shirt. Love it.

gabbyfek said...

love this page... and you. so very much...

Missy said...

you are so very worthy, my dear.
and i love your dare, oh yes i do.
and i love you, oh yes i do.

and your mama is a strong mama.
and you are a strong mama.
and the two of you will be just fine.
this i know. :)

Mara said...

ok, your LO for the dare - love it. love the hambly.
freestyle - i looked at the book once.
didn't love it.
looked at it again, saw it's artfulness.
looked at it again, decided i need to "think outside the box more"
the style is growing on me... i might have to check out those dares...

Julie said...

this is one INCREDIBLE layout!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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