01 May 2006

cute summer clothes, missing creativity, and a hematoma

i super shopped this weekend.
TOMs with renee.
new scrappy crap - yay!
can we say like 30 sheets of 7G....

then the clothes...
capris (2 jeans, one sweats...but nice sweats)
hoodie that goes with the sweats ones.
ALL for the whopping sum of $77.
uhm hell yes.

i have to share a story with you.
i want to record it forever and figure out a way to scrap it.
the funniest shit.
i just don't know if it will be funny to others or if you had to be there.
that's probably the BEST way to start out telling a story right...? doh.
renee told me about a dream she had.
"nightmare actually" she said.
"i dreamed that your creativity was in your appendix!!!!"
she sounded SO distraught.
musta been one of those dreams that felt so real.
she told me how everything i was making sucked so bad.
we had to go look for it.
my appendix.
we went to the hospital.
trying to find it.
to get my creativity back.
poor renee.
i would say poor me...
but i don't think it was accurate.
i mean...i've made a couple pages since then.
while they might not be my favourite ever...
i don't think they would classify for the "that sucks so bad" category.
hope not...hee!

then there's the hematoma.
also known as.
if you're gabby.
she tried to correct herself.
but i wouldn't listen.
it's a bruise inside me in my tummy.
due to operation.
sucks, but what are you gonna do?
i'll tell you what.
you're gonna call it a HEMOTA
and pretend it's an awesome japanese restaurant that you want to visit.


Renee said...

HA! yes, definitely a nightmare. not true...your pages post-surgery have all been totally FAB. ;)

shopping was fun, as always. where am i gonna put all this crap? my scrap space is flooding! I need to get rid of stuff...but i can't. come on over and take some of my stuff when i'm not looking, would ya?

Alison said...

Man that's funny.
For real.

cindy liebel said...

that was FUNNY!!
your pages are lookin good girl! no fret, FAB!!!
shopping is always fun & all that 7Gs...YEA BABY! have fun w/ it all.

gabbyfek said...

ok, see, the renee story is way better than me not being able to spell...
i'm laughing out loud
and officially craving sushi!

The Other Half said...

now THAT'S funny stuff

sarah said...

this IS funny!
the story AND Gabby's spelling! :)

Alissa said...

So that's what happened to the 7gs section! :) I'm so sad I missed you two chicks! Were you in on Saturday?

Interesting nightmare Renee had there! Your post surgury pages ROCK! Tell Renee not to worry! ;)

island girl said...

oh gosh! you crack me up girl!! i love new scrappy crap, especially some 7G...and cute clothes at a great price, can't beat that!!

Mara said...

leave it to gabs...

Kirsten said...

nope. you didn't have to be there. because that was really freaking funny.

thank goodness it was also not true and funny.


sarah.b said...

you're right that is so funny!

Nisa said...

oh appendix....so THAT's what it's for! darnit!
also- let me know when you go eat at Hemota...I been jonesin' for some good Japanese food. yum.
love yooo.

Tami said...

thanks for the good laugh!

Missy said...

please come to ohio so we can shop. ok? ok. good.

Klala said...


And I am FURIOUS that you are not going scrappy shopping w/ me. Looks like a trip to BC is a brewin.

Kelly said...

you are funnnneee girl.

love the sluuuurp.

hope you're feelin' better!

Caroline said...

you are freakinh hilarious
so is renee.

and yay for shopping sprees!! whoo!

Anonymous said...

you're funny lady!
now since you were in the states why didn't you just drop by my house?
some kinda friend you are!
love to hate you sweet thang!

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