28 April 2006


the present was a hit.
and a part of me would like to pretend that it was all great.
but the truth is, it went a bit sideways at the end.
so unfortunate.
shoulda known better.
why did he want to be there?
why did she say yes?
why am i stuck in the middle?
why do i feel so alone?
why does it make me so sad?
because i love them both.
because they're my parents.
because i'm their only child.


Mara said...

gorgeous work, dear.
big hugs, sweet g.

Jen said...

I'm so sorry Gen.
I've been there.
And it sucks.

ArtsyMama said...

This is such a neat piece. Where did you get the Belongs to slip? Sorry to hear you feel so bad. Hugs!

sarah said...

BIG hugs Gen . . .

your artwork is amazing!
just beautiful!

Tami said...

oh gen, i am sorry that the big nght turned out to be a bit difficult. i think if the event was a year from now, and he wanted to come it might have been ok but it's just too soon.

Renee said...

aww...gen, i feel so bad! :( I wish the night went better. There were difficult times and there will be more, unfortunately. but your mom will get through this....they're so strong, and so are you. I love moms!

teresa said...

well, your photo piece is awesome! Love it.

Sarah said...

Sorry it slipped a bit.

But that present is the BOMB.

Alison said...

So sorry babe.
It's a terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

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