26 October 2006


i did a little blogging.
checked up on online friends and aquaintances and people i just admire.
i really enjoyed my time doing that tonight.
i wanted to throw a post up before bed to document that.
to document that, and the fact that i'm glad i have a blog.
there's lots of changes it seems in the blogging world lately.
i've seen them here and there...around and about.
but for right now, i wanted to just be thankful for blogging,
for what it's brought to my life, others' lives.
i feel really grateful for being able to connect to so many people this way.
it's really wonderful.


Vee said...

i think so too!
great post!
love your blog:)

Anonymous said...

I've been noticing the changes too. Lots of people deciding to take breaks or close shop.

It's normal. I've been a blogger for years now. My old blog is(non-artsy) still is out there. I took many a break over the years but once it is in your blood. It stays there.

It's hardest for people who use this venue for a singular purpose. ie: Just to share their projects, showcase photos, situations like that.

The bloggers who share themselves. Vent, complain, bitch, celebrate the good, endure the ugly, voice their opinions, and lay it out there...They are the one's who stick around. The breaks are au naturale. But longevity belongs to those who spread their word.

Much love to ya G!
Don't be thinking about leaving girl!


Nisa said...

here here.
yeah for blogs and connecting and people and loves.
and yeah for you.
cuz I loves you.

Anonymous said...


sarah said...

yes! :)

Nicole said...

Yes the blog world is amazing!!
Love you sweet lady!:)

Funky Finds said...

blogs rock! :) happy weekend

Missy said...

it always puts a big huge smile on my face to see a comment from you in my inbox... and that's exactly what I got this morning.
Thank you, sweetie... you are the bestest.

Dawn said...

Hi Gen... loving your blog and not sure what I'd do without mine either (funny when I vowed I'd never start one LOL) Great to catch up with you... hope all's well in your life :)

Anonymous said...

i love that you blog
and i am sending you a photo
soon i promise
so find one for me

xobellaaimox said...

it really is wonderful :) and i'm so glad that you blog also :)q

Anonymous said...

i'm thankful for your blog too, g.
have a great day today, sweetpea.