25 October 2006

small things

I'm trying to appreciate the small things in life...looking at the glass half-full and all that. When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I was a pretty pessimistic character, and pretty damn miserable, to boot. It still takes effort to remain positive and productive, even after lots of practice. But I can certainly say that as the years pass by, making the effort is worth it, and that my life is a happier place to be.

So, small things:

1. While I don't have the luxury of being a stay at home mama, I have a job flexible enough that it will allow me the day off tomorrrow to accompany Jaxon's class on a field trip to Science World. I can't wait!
2. While we don't have a receptionist and it's proving very difficult to find one, being more involved with the customers on the phone is reminding me that they are human beings and not just dumb people who can't follow instructions and try to make that your fault.
3. I've been watching a huge tree outside my office window turn from green to yellow over the last week...it's gorgeous.
4. Black cherry vanilla coke. Yum.
5. Carmex lip balm.
6. I think yesterday I banged my head on something and then realized if I hadn't done that then something good wouldn't have happened, but right now I can't remember what that thing was, so I'm thinking that maybe I'm wrong. I don't know, but at least that thought made me smile when it came to me.
7. A cute rubber pig that one of my neices left on my desk months ago and so it's stayed with me. It's tiny...like 1/2 an inch tall and maybe 1 inch in length. I wish I had my camera to take a cute little picture of it, but it's cute, trust me. It's like my pet now.
8. Rescue Me last night...watched with D and we both laughed our asses of. I love Dennis Leary.
9. Glysomed glycerine-silicone-camomile hand cream. It's the bomb-diggity.
10. Pho for lunch today.
11. ANTM on tonight. Guilty pleasure #75209037.
12. Grey's Anatomy and ER tomorrow. Guilty pleasures #75209038 and 75209039.
13. Scrapbooking, painting art, generally getting messy and creative while participating in above-said guilty pleasures.
14. Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro. Newish find. Yum.
15. Re-discovering a bunch of classical music CDs that my dad gave me years ago. I must be getting older. I actually appreciated the couple I listened to yesterday.

Holy smokes...I started and I just couldn't stop! I suppose I should quote Ms. Stewart...

it's a good thing.


sarah said...

such a nice list Gen!
ANTM...one of my guilty pleasures too!
"I wanna be on top!" :)

Caroline said...

i looove your list!

Lu said...

it is a very good thing.

Nicole said...

Love reading your good things list!!:)

xobellaaimox said...

mad love for appreciating the little things :)