28 August 2006

what matters

i had an insane weekend.
insanely fun,
insanely sad,
insanely tiring,
insanely life-altering.

i will post more. absolutely.
i have decided i do want to share about everything i experienced.
but for now, i really want to share what matters the most.
the weekend trip was about these two friends.
amazing friends.
amazing people, both of them.
i'm happy to know them,
i'm happy to have shared this with them.
i'm happy to have been there,
and lots of other people feel the same way.
the love was SERIOUSLY felt this weekend.
i'm happy about that.

and wow. were they ever gorgeous.


Renee said...

Glad you're back! They are a beautiful couple. :)

Jen said...

Life altering???
Now I'm curious.
Or is it nosy??
Amounts to the same thing I suppose.

Mara said...

So cool, Gen.
Glad you had a great weekend.
And I'm with Jen... :)

sarah said...

gorgeous couple...
beautiful photograph of them.

life altering?!
hope you're okay!