11 February 2006

my house is a pit

today will be cleaning and grocery shopping day.
seriously...it's gotten to the point where i just can't ignore it anymore.

i was at this point where i would consider cleaning and organizing my scrap area because it's becoming just so disorganized and messy, but every day the urge to create would overcome that urge to clean. i do LOVE scrappin in a clean space. so inspiring. so today, since i feel like my house is literally caving in on me (i look to the left of my computer and i see flip-flops, a pile of misc papers that fell, a lint brush, a couple of toys, a toy part, an empty plastic food container, a pillow, a towel, hamburger buns in a bag (WTF????)...and to the right...a towel (used to cover my scanner, but still), a couple more incomplete toys, a basket of toys on MY table (hmmm...mama on the warpath comin up), a shirt that got water spilled on it so it promptly had to come off, three plants that need to be watered, photo paper that has to be put away, my vitamin container that needs to be filled up, glasses cleaner rag thingy, and a couple of nail polish bottles (jaxon is obsessed w/ nail polish these days).

nuff said. time to clean.


Missy said...

tell me how that goes chick... because currently, I should be cleaning... yet I am under a blanket, in my big chair, reading your blog! tee hee. xoxoxo.

wendi said...

oh girl...i soooo know how this feels!! i'm constantly picking things up...but it seems like the house NEVER gets clean!! and just when i think it's time to clean my scrap stuff up, i get an idea to do a layout. and picture this...i don't have a scrap room...i do it all on the coffee table of my family room!! ohhhhh...i feel like such a slob! i compensate by trying to keep every other room in the house at least twice as clean as this one...but that's not saying much all the time...te he he

Angie said...

Happy Cleaning Gen. I won't even start to describe what I see when I look to my left and right today. lol

Lu said...

why does your house sound like mine...chaos. Damn, now I, too, must clean.