10 February 2006

boss lady

guess what I heard last night when Dren was brushing J's teeth?

D: "Do you know who the REAL boss around here is?"
J: "What?"
D: "The real boss. Do you know who the real boss is?"
J: "No."
D: "Mummy. She's the boss around here."

just one of the guzzillion reason i love this man.


wendi said...

that's hilarious!! unfortunately mine still tells me that daddy is the boss...even when she's at my house...she'll learn...oh yes...she'll learn ;-)~

Anonymous said...

i can't believe he said that!
what are you doing to that poor man?
beating him into submission?
do i need to have a talk w/ dren to make sure he's ok?
i know you're tall and you could probably kick some ass...
nah, he's just a smart boy!

Kathy said...

lol way to train that man Gen ;)

I really need him to give my man a talking to!

Sarah said...

Excellent husbanding skills your man has. Points for him!

Nicole said...

LOL!! Love it:)

em said...

haha! no point trying to deny it men. it's just the truth of the matter. glad yours can see it already!

Lu said...

that is just too funny. i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

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