11 January 2006

self talk #1

Lately I've often felt that my brain is going a million miles a minute. Thinking about things...coming up with things to say...to myself. Ideas, inspiratioin, words of wisdom...they're everywhere! This is a new experience...I'm so not good at the whole "self-talk" thing. I'm thinking this means I'm actually becoming a bit more aware...of myself, my actions, my thoughts, and the world around me. I believe this is a good thing for one like me - wanting a little change in life. Might as well start with me right?

*brushes from rebel-heart.net


Anonymous said...

oh yes,
this is a good one!
i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!
love my deep thinking sweet buddy!

Missy said...

very very good one... so true :)
we must talk GG baby!!

erika said...

deep thoughts w/ gen...
love it.
you are right...we should all be more self aware....i was just thinking about this the other day..
i swear. xxxe

gabbyfek said...

love that, g2.
it's cuz you IM'd w/ me yesterday morning.
that compelled the deep thinking, right?!;)