09 January 2006

it's raining it's pouring...

i wish i was snoring!!!
i have come to the realization that i loooove to sleep in winter.

do you know that it has rained every single day since the 19th of december?
i heard that on the radio yesterday...and yep...still raining.
granted...it hasn't rained all day every day since then...but at least a bit...every day.

truth be told...i don't hate the rain.
i don't have to work outside.
i am lucky enough to have a car so i don't get too wet and/or miserable.
i don't hate the rain...as long as i don't have to deal with it too much.
but still...since the 19th of december?

on friday night i had a bad headache when i went to bed (around 12:30)
i woke up early-ish (6:30) and still had the headache.
went back to sleep.
woke up at....11:45!!!!
there is no WAY i could sleep that long in summer.
winter...ahhh...cozy cozy bed w/ our new duvet cover.
mmmm...too bad i'm at work :(

today, i vow to work. hard.
get lots of stuff done.
i want to feel good about my day and my job.
i want to leave my work here when i go home, feeling like i accomplished a lot.
i want to go home after work today and enjoy my family and make some art.

yeeeee haw!

hope everyone has a very happy monday.


gabbyfek said...

me too!
me too!
me too!
i told mike yesterday that i was built to hibernate all winter long... mmmm. sleeping. LOVE it. and i'm attempting to make that same working home vow. but wow it's hard, my dear girl... but i adore the fact that you are feeling the same.

Anonymous said...

we should get to hibernate in the winter!
it's only fair!!!!
i miss my gen!

erika said...

yeah, winter is pretty much for hibernation....just ask the bears ;)
come visit us in NC...we've got sun to share! xe
I'm emailing you back this afternoon...promise!!!!!!

Jen said...

I LOVE the rain, and I love to sleep. Too much actually.
And do you think it's a bad omen that it's been raining since my birthday?? Hmmm....